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Why trust Patel Optics?

Patel Optics


Do you have vision problems? Would you like to be taken in charge by optical health professionals? Patel Optics is here for you. Find out more about it, including its history and the solutions it offers you. Patel Optics offers the best service in the field of ophthalmology. Why trust us ? We will tell you everything in this article.


The story of Patel Optics


It all started in 1986 when Nusrat Patel founded Patel Optics, a family business. At that time, we had only one branch in Beau-Bassin. This branch is still a resounding success, and has a loyal clientele thanks to a high-end service and quality. Moreover, thanks to these qualities that Patel Optics retains its customers. We also promise branded and quality products at unbeatable prices.


In addition, our team is made up of young professionals, including Ijaz and Naumaan Patel, the sons of Nusrat Patel and the current CEO. A family business flourishes. The latter have also opened two other branches, including one in Rose Hill and another in the north, in Triolet.


Quality services at Patel Optics


We offer several services.


  1. Eye exams.
  2. Screening for sight disorders
  3. Tips for choosing contact lenses.
  4. Visual rehabilitation for children.
  5. Ophthalmological tests.
  6. Repairs and adjustments of your glasses.


In addition, we can offer several brands such as VOGUE Eyewear, Emporio Armani, Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban, Carrera, Oakley or Hugo Boss. These brands are at the forefront of trend and quality. These are also the values ​​of Patel Optics.


Vision advice for everyone


Patel Optics is able to give you adapted advice. Whether for children, adults, or for the elderly. Do you know the symptoms of eye fatigue, myopia or age-related macular degeneration? Are you able to determine the risk factors when you are all day in front of your screen? Do you wear the correct glasses? Do these last perfectly match the shape of your face? Our team is also trained in order to give you the best advise for frames that will perfectly suit the shape of your face. In addition, we will answer all your questions. Moreover, our blog can guide you if you are looking for answers to your questions. We cover everything that concerns the health of the eyes.


Join us at one of our branches in Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin and Triolet for a consultation. In addition, Dr. Yasin Hamuth can receive you on Sundays in our Beau Bassin branch. Our team is dynamic and always lattentive, enjoy it!

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