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Visual impairment what consequence?

More than 5% of the population in Mauritius may suffer from visual impairment. The latter, if early, can cause irreversible damage to the child’s visual development. What is visual deficit? What consequences on vision? Find out everything in this article.


What is visual impairment?


Visual impairment is defined as all disorders linked to poor vision functioning, in particular with regard to the visual field, or visual acuity.


We can distinguish two categories of visual impairment:


  • Blind people with blindness whose corrected visual acuity is less than or equal to 1/20
  • The visually impaired, suffering from amblyopia, whose visual acuity after correction of the best eye is between 4/10 and 1/10.


The WHO(World Health Organization) recognizes 4 stages of visual functions including:


  1. Normal vision
  2. Moderate impairment
  3. Severe impairment
  4. Blindness


The consequences of a visual impairment


These 4 stages have multiple consequences on visual function such as:


  • Reading or writing;
  • Medium distance vision;
  • Communication, near or medium distance
  • Space assessment
  • Visual attention

Blindness is the most serious consequence of visual impairment, as it represents a total lack of vision.


The origins of visual impairment:


47.9% of the visual impairment is caused by cataracts;

12.3% by glaucoma;

8.7% by age-related macular degeneration;

4.8 by diabetic retinopathy and

3.6% by blindness in children.


Discover all the visual diseases through our weekly articles. We will give you advice, and the signs that can alert you. Visit one of our branches if you want the advice of one of our professionals.

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