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Dry eye syndrome, how to fix it?

Our eyes are the window to the world, allowing us to fully experience each moment. The slightest concern with our eyes can cause headaches. The good news is that a large part of vision problems can be corrected or avoided with proper eye care. You just have to make sure that you regularly make an appointment with your optician and that any vision problem is treated as quickly as possible. Today we will see the case of dry eyes that affect many people, and in particular, a third of adults. Consequences, treatments, we tell you everything in this article …

Dry eye syndrome: the causes

At the eye level, you should know that it is the tear glands that produce tears. They spread over the entire surface of the eye at each blink. Tears are made up mainly of water, fat and mucus. Dry eyes can be caused by three factors. First, a decrease in the quality of tears, second, a decrease in the quantity of tears, and last, a loss of the stability of the tear film. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning, a too dry or hot weather, or air pollution can cause dry eyes. The latter can also be the result of side effects from taking certain medications.

Dry eye syndrome: symptoms

People who suffer from this vision disorder often have a burning, gritty, or stinging sensation in their eyes. People who suffer from this vision disorder often have a burning, gritty, or stinging sensation in their eyes. The person will keep blinking their eyes because they will tire more quickly. The absence of tears will make wearing contact lenses very painful. In the morning, some people may have difficulty opening their eyes, as the eyelids will tend to stick together. Giving in to the temptation to rub your eyes will increase their sensitivity and, in the long term, you may even notice a drop in vision.

Drops and other solutions for dry eye syndrome

The easiest and quickest treatment would be eye drops, or artificial tears, to relieve mild cases of dryness. Another natural treatment: lukewarm compresses on the eyelids, at least twice a day. The latter help in the decongestion of the lacrimal glands and in the melting of any fat. There are also gels or lubricators to moisten the eyes for this syndrome. You should also drink plenty of water and not stare at the screens for too long.

You should know that normally, the older you get, the more the risk of suffering from dry eye disorder increases. Also, women are twice as affected by this syndrome than men. Certain diseases such as diabetes, those related to the thyroid or conjunctivitis can cause an absence of tears in the eyes. Those who have undergone laser treatment may also feel the effects for the next six to twelve months after their medical procedure. Either way, as soon as the first symptoms appear in the eyes, you should not take too long before you contact your optician.

Vision problems, the symptoms

Decreased visual acuity, black spot in the eye, red or watery eyes, these visual symptoms cannot be taken lightly. Note that 3 consultations with an optician result may reveal a much more serious pathology. You are reluctant to go see an ophthalmologist? This article will give you tips and can make you change your mind.

Symptoms that should be causes for concern

If your eyesight starts to change suddenly, we strongly recommend that you go for a consultation. Here are some symptoms that should alert you:

Decreased visual acuity, this may be due to retinal detachment;

Deformation of the lines, an inevitable sign of AMD, that is, age-related Macular Degeneration;

The appearance of blackheads which can be the result of a hole in the retina or in very rare cases, retinal detachment;

Diplopia or double seeing, which may be due to a vascular or even neurological problem.

Eye disease, who are the people at risk?

Some people are more likely to have eye disease than others. This can be due to multiple factors, such as a family history (genetics), the environment, the effect of blue light on the eyes, bad habits like smoking or a bad eating habit. Those who suffer from diabetes also fall prey to eye diseases, because with poorly treated diabetes they can easily develop retinopathy.

Age is also a significant factor. Children under 3 years old should be closely monitored and should see an eye specialist at least once before entering kindergarten. The elderly are just as likely to suffer from eye diseases, such as cataracts or age-related macular degeneration.

When to consult and what are the treatments available?

Treatments for vision diseases are numerous and vary depending on the origin of the disease. If the vision disorder is benign such as myopia, presbyopia or astigmatism, wearing suitable glasses and contact lenses may be sufficient. In other more serious cases it may be necessary to have surgical treatment, for example for cataracts.

It is best to consult an eye specialist. The latter can do a full examination. If you have symptoms such as difficulty reading near or far, that you have headaches, if your vision suddenly becomes blurry or dark, an ophthalmologist can advise you and guide you on the procedure to follow.

Do you have any of these symptoms? You can go to one of our branches for a consultation Our team is dynamic and will advise and guide you if you suffer from a visual impairment.

Le cancer de l'oeil

Eye cancer, watch your eyes closely

Cancer unfortunately affects all organs, even the eye. Il existe en effet plusieurs types de cancer. However, there are not many cases worldwide each year and all types of cancer derived from that of the eyes are rare diseases. What would partly explain this situation would be the fact that it remains a poorly understood and poorly detected eye disease. As with all other types of cancer, early detection allows for timely care and treatment.

Eye cancer: what are the symptoms

For a cancer diagnosis, here are the telltale symptoms to watch out for:

  • Blurred vision or loss of sight
  • Une tache dans l’œil, incluant l’iris
  • Redness or irritation of the eyes
  • A repetitive appearance of shadows or flashes always in the same place
  • A lump in the eye
  • A vision with floating objects or wavy lines
  • The pupil that dilates or narrows

Most of these signs are caused by partial retinal detachment. A Funduscopic Examination helps to clarify the diagnosis. The latter is a simple test to analyze the fundus of the eye.

Eye treatments available

Radiation therapy, often used for other types of cancer, is also available for this vision disorder. This therapy takes the form of proton therapy, which involves the use of proton beams. The form of treatment, however, will depend on the age of the patient, the size of the tumor and its location in the eye. Another possible solution is brachytherapy, which is in fact irradiation of the tumorusing radioactive elements in contact with it. In other cases, if the tumor is too large or there is a recurrence, surgical removal of the eye may be the only solution.

How to prevent eye diseases

Above all, you must regularly make an appointment with your optician. In general, wearing sunglasses protects against UV rays. However, you have to buy them from specialists. In addition, for all activities that could affect the eyes, do not hesitate to wear protective glasses, such as painting or other DIY involving the handling of dangerous chemicals.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Everyone dreads going blind. The treatments are available, it just shouldn’t be done too late. On a daily basis, they should be regularly hydrated, rested, strengthened with some eye gym and provided with the necessary nutrients.

Yeux des bébés

Vision disorder at birth, how to detect it?

Different diseases can cause blindness during birth. Every year, one in 80,000 infants is born blind. Early detection of visual disturbances in children is essential. The earlier the vision abnormalities are taken care of, the lower the risk of total blindness. So how do you spot vision problems at birth?


Detecting a vision disorder in an infant


Before being able to detect a vision disorder in a baby, it is necessary to know the stages of vision development in children. Be aware that vision in a newborn baby is not perfect, which makes it difficult to detect a birth disorder. During the first 3 months of life, they see blurred. It should come as no surprise to see asymmetrical eye movements and a lack of focus on a particular object or person.


After 3 months, their eyes can fix an object, follow a movement with their gaze or are interested in bright colors. At six months, your child is now using both eyes simultaneously while the distance vision and the perception in relief are gradually being refined.


Detecting a vision disorder in children, a consultation is essential


It is important to consult if your child may have vision problems at birth. If an initial screening is done by ultrasound during pregnancy, a second screening will take place a few days after the birth of your child.


Your infant should check with these signs:


1 # A visual indifference: if he has no interest in what surrounds him

2 # Strabismus: this disorder is defined as a defect in the parallelism of the visual axes or a nystagmus: it is an uncontrolled oscillation of the eyeball;

4 # An absence of ocular coordination;

5 # If he has a white pupil

6 # An eyelid malformation

7 # An abnormally sized cornea.


Visual defects to control in children


Certain diseases are imperative to detect and to control in an infantin particular:

  • astigmatism
  • color blindness
  • hyperopia
  • myopia


Early detection by your ophthalmologist is essential to preserve vision, and of course to avoid life-threatening effects on the eye.

Le cancer de l'oeil

Color vision disorder, what is color blindness?

A color blind person does not see only in black and white, did you know? If the answer is no and you want to know more about this vision disorder, this article will help you … Definition, causes, treatments, let’s enter the world of color blindness.


What is color blindness?


Color blindness is a color vision disorder that is in fact hereditary. Indeed, there are several forms of color blindness including:


  • Those who have trouble distinguishing between red and green are the most popular form of color blindness.
  • Blue color blindness or monochromatism (where the person distinguishes only black, white and gray) are much rarer forms.
  • There is also semi-color blindness which is not as disturbing as color blindness.


Note that people of Asian or African descent are much less likely to suffer from color blindness. On the other hand, men are more likely to develop color blindness. The latter have only an X chromosome, and if the latter is damaged, color blindness can occur. As for women, they have two X chromosomes. Therefore, even if one of its chromosomes is damaged, the other can compensate for the functioning of the other. Also be aware that a woman who has a colorblind chromosome can actually pass it on to her child at birth.


Color blindness, what is the cause?


The retina of the eye has 3 cones that are sensitive to light. These cones are divided into 3 categories, including a cone that distinguishes red, another green and the last blue. If a cone does not work properly, this is where the problem arises, that is, the person will not perceive the color of the cone which does not work.


Color blindness is hereditary in most cases. However, in some cases, color blindness can be the result of an illness, such as that of the retina, an injury or a side effect due to taking medication.


Symptoms and complications


Color blindness can vary and be moderate to very strong. As a result, a color blind person will not realize his illness so quickly, unless his entourage notices. If you wear socks of different colors but you do not notice this difference, you can imagine, you should consult!


Be aware that a person with severe color blindness in green, for example, will not differentiate between red, brown, green, orange, and light red. If he has red color blindness, all the shades of red will appear very dull.


On the other hand, blue color blindness is either hereditary or is due to taking drugs which had a severe impact, thus damaging the retina or the optic nerve.



In conclusion, if the vision disorder is hereditary, there is unfortunately no treatment. However, if this disorder is the cause of an injury or illness, your doctor can effectively treat it. In all cases, it is best to consult a specialist. Do you want to know more about this wonderful organ that is the eye? You only have to consult our blog to know everything!

Why trust Patel Optics?

Patel Optics


Do you have vision problems? Would you like to be taken in charge by optical health professionals? Patel Optics is here for you. Find out more about it, including its history and the solutions it offers you. Patel Optics offers the best service in the field of ophthalmology. Why trust us ? We will tell you everything in this article.


The story of Patel Optics


It all started in 1986 when Nusrat Patel founded Patel Optics, a family business. At that time, we had only one branch in Beau-Bassin. This branch is still a resounding success, and has a loyal clientele thanks to a high-end service and quality. Moreover, thanks to these qualities that Patel Optics retains its customers. We also promise branded and quality products at unbeatable prices.


In addition, our team is made up of young professionals, including Ijaz and Naumaan Patel, the sons of Nusrat Patel and the current CEO. A family business flourishes. The latter have also opened two other branches, including one in Rose Hill and another in the north, in Triolet.


Quality services at Patel Optics


We offer several services.


  1. Eye exams.
  2. Screening for sight disorders
  3. Tips for choosing contact lenses.
  4. Visual rehabilitation for children.
  5. Ophthalmological tests.
  6. Repairs and adjustments of your glasses.


In addition, we can offer several brands such as VOGUE Eyewear, Emporio Armani, Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban, Carrera, Oakley or Hugo Boss. These brands are at the forefront of trend and quality. These are also the values ​​of Patel Optics.


Vision advice for everyone


Patel Optics is able to give you adapted advice. Whether for children, adults, or for the elderly. Do you know the symptoms of eye fatigue, myopia or age-related macular degeneration? Are you able to determine the risk factors when you are all day in front of your screen? Do you wear the correct glasses? Do these last perfectly match the shape of your face? Our team is also trained in order to give you the best advise for frames that will perfectly suit the shape of your face. In addition, we will answer all your questions. Moreover, our blog can guide you if you are looking for answers to your questions. We cover everything that concerns the health of the eyes.


Join us at one of our branches in Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin and Triolet for a consultation. In addition, Dr. Yasin Hamuth can receive you on Sundays in our Beau Bassin branch. Our team is dynamic and always lattentive, enjoy it!