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Protect your eyes in summer

Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality sunglasses is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes well, other advice should be prescribed. Protecting your eyes in summer is crucial. Enjoying the good weather without endangering the health of your eyes is actually quite possible. To do this, you just have to adopt the right gestures and respect certain basic rules. Let's see this in more detail.   Sun, watch your eyes!   Overexposure to sunlight and its UV rays is known to be the main cause of eye damage. It is therefore essential to protect your eyes as you protect your skin. Stock up on vitamins D without taking any risks. Indeed, at high doses, UV rays are harmful to both the skin and the eyes. Even…

Sunglasses, our selection for this summer

The essential element for each self-respecting fashionista is of course, a pair of sunglasses! Know that you can use this accessory as often as you want especially since we are in summer. Besides its fashionable appearance, sunglasses also serve to protect one of the main organs of the human body, notably the eyes.   On the other hand, there are several styles, shapes and the most popular brands of glasses are given to heart to make you happy. Find below our selection of sunglasses for this summer. You can find them in all our branches, notably in Rose Hill, Port Louis, Triolet and Beau Bassin.   Vogue Eyewear sunglasses Indeed, this selection is specially dedicated for women who wish to highlight their daring side, their self-confidence and above all bring…