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Covid 19, is it better to use glasses or contact lenses?

Contact lenses or glasses

If there’s one thing everyone has learned by heart over the past few weeks, it’s to wash our hands regularly, with soap and water. In these times when any action involving manipulation with the hands is scary, is it advisable to wear contact lenses? Or on the contrary, would it be safer to opt for glasses … Here is what our professionals recommend.

The risks of infection from wearing contact lenses

The virus can enter through the nose, eyes and mouth. While wearing masks limits the risk of bacteria being transmitted through the nose and mouth, the eyes are still fairly exposed. The fact that contact lens wearers have to handle the lenses before inserting them into the eyes actually increases the risk of infection. However, any contact lens wearer also knows that the basic rules always start with impeccable hand hygiene.

Inserting the lenses in 4 steps

Pandemic or not, the first step is to wash your hands well, for at least 30 seconds, preferably with antibacterial soap. It will then be necessary to dry them well. To avoid any confusion, always start with the same eye. Check that the lens, which you have would have soaked in its solution before, is in place (in the form of a bowl) before placing it on the tip of the index finger. With the same hand, pull the lower eyelid with your middle finger and the upper eyelid with the other hand. Gently release your eyelids and close your eyes for a few seconds to let the lens take its place. This procedure will help you take good care of your lenses and eyes.

What about wearing glasses in all of this?

Of course, glasses remain a simpler and faster option. However, like any surface, glasses should also be regularly cleaned. In fact, find some tips against fog on the lenses here: https://pateloptics.com/2020/05/21/masque-de-protection-comment-eviter-la-buee-sur-les-lunettes/?lang=fr. Preferably, opt for soapy water (even dish soap) for the cleaning The oily film left on it will cause the steam to glide over for a few hours.

If the lenses offer a better field of vision, they also require a lot of meticulousness while handling. In the end, whether you opt for lenses or glasses, you will have to follow the precise procedures for their maintenance.

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Protective mask: how to avoid fogging on glasses?

The Covid-19 undoubtedly leaves a legacy in Mauritius. In addition to the economic slowdown, the government has put in place several measures to ensure the safety of Mauritians. We are witnessing a partial containment recently, and the law now requires the wearing of a mask in public places. However, those wearing glasses are sometimes embarrassed by the appearance of fogging. Then, what shall we do?

Here are 5 tips:


1 / Correctly position the protective mask

2 / Use a ‘clips’ to prevent air from escaping.

3 / Protect your glasses with a gel or an anti-fog spray

4 / Apply soap or shaving foam on both sides of your glasses. Spread it out with a microfiber cloth, rinse your glasses, then let them air dry.

5 / Place a tissue (disposable) between your mask and your skin. The handkerchief will absorb moisture.


You will agree that the fogging on the glasses is not pleasant, we have to clean them often enough. In addition, we have to put our hands in the face, which is not recommended because of the coronavirus.


To protect yourself as much as possible, we invite you to follow these simple actions!

Choose your glasses according to the color of your eyes?

Finding the right pair of glasses is not always an easy task. However, with the right advice, it is quite possible to choose a pair that is perfectly suited, not only to the morphology of the face, but also to the color of the eyes. Yes, it can play a role on the harmony of the face and will enhance the eyes when it is well chosen.


For dark eyes


That’s it, you’ve determined the shape of glasses you like. Now comes the question of color. You have a wide choice, between classic colors such as black or brown, or more fanciful frames with prints, or even transparent frames (very fashionable at the moment). However, the color of your eyes (as well as the color of your skin and hair) is an element to take into consideration to be sure to make the right choice.


For light colored eyes


So, if you have green eyes and blond hair, jade green, emerald or even green frames are highly recommended. Shades such as red-purple, purple or eggplant would also suit you. If you are a brunette with green eyes, prefer yellow or orange tones, or even gold.


Blue eyes, on the other hand, go perfectly with pastel, coral, apricot or even cherry red, burgundy colors for people with light hair. Brown hair and blue eyes are the ideal combination to wear a beautiful silver gray or a beautiful shade of blue on his frames. If you like flashy colors, opt for shades of purple or fuchsia. If your eyes tend towards gray-blue, there is nothing but black, dark purple and midnight blue to accentuate their color.


And the others ?


Regarding dark brown eyes, regardless of hair color, there are many options: bright red, plum, beige, peach, night blue, brown, olive green, burgundy, pink, etc. Hazel eyes: opt for gray or dark green, or a gold frame to give sparkle to your eyes.


However, color is not the only determining factor in choosing your glasses. Yes, remember that a frame must be in perfect harmony with the morphology of your face. To find out more about the glasses that suit the shape of your face, or the color of your eyes, do not hesitate to get personalized advice by going to your optician. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try on various frames to more easily determine which one is best for you.

Protect your eyes in summer

Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality sunglasses is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes well, other advice should be prescribed. Protecting your eyes in summer is crucial. Enjoying the good weather without endangering the health of your eyes is actually quite possible. To do this, you just have to adopt the right gestures and respect certain basic rules. Let’s see this in more detail.


Sun, watch your eyes!


Overexposure to sunlight and its UV rays is known to be the main cause of eye damage. It is therefore essential to protect your eyes as you protect your skin. Stock up on vitamins D without taking any risks. Indeed, at high doses, UV rays are harmful to both the skin and the eyes. Even if they are largely absorbed by the cornea and then the lens, the cumulative effect of UV rays affects the good health of the eyes. Overexposure to the sun without protection can cause inflammation of the cornea such as keratitis, or even ophthalmia. In the long term, eye pathologies could develop in people over 50 years of age.


Protect your eyes with suitable sunglasses


For effective protection, the glasses must imperatively filter UV. Besides wearing bazaar or cheap glasses is even more dangerous than the absence of glasses, since behind these tinted glasses without filter the pupils open more and allow more UV rays to penetrate. So don’t hesitate to spend on eye health.


Eye protection starts with a good choice of sunglasses. Thus, the glasses must be of good quality and be able to filter out ultraviolet rays. This does not mean that darker glasses protect the eyes better. They protect only from the glare of the sun. For optimal protection, choose glasses with the mention “100% UV”.


In addition, you will get better protection if the lenses are marked “UV 400” or even “E-SFP 50+”. Another important detail, poor quality sunglasses can cause more damage to the eyes than not wearing them at all. When wearing tinted lenses without a filter, the pupils expand more and allow UV rays to pass.


Can seawater have a harmful effect on the eyes?


Who says summer, means also beach. But is there a risk associated with sea water? Not particularly, unless the water is polluted. You can therefore swim in peace. Sand, on the other hand, can easily be found in the eyes. So remember to rinse them well with clear water if a grain of sand has lodged under your eyelids.


To optimize your visual comfort, several options can be added, including an anti-reflective treatment. The latter avoids stray reflections on the glasses. In addition, polarized lenses help prevent reflections on mirrored surfaces such as water. If you wear contact lenses, use disposable models to reduce the risk of infection.


Protecting children’s eyes is a must


Finally, remember that children’s eyes are more sensitive than those of adults. Children’s eyes are about seven times more fragile than their own. The eyes of the young are more sensitive because their protective pigmentation is still incomplete. Their glasses must therefore be adapted to the morphology of their little face and, of course, to their behavior! It is therefore necessary to be extra vigilant by using 100% UV sunglasses and a cap with a large visor.


Do you need advice ? Visit one of our branches in Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin, Port Louis and Triolet.

How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face

Many of you wear eyeglasses… round, square, cat-eye, there are many styles of glasses. But do you know which pair of glasses will suit you best? Do you know the shape of your face? We tell you everything in this article…


What is the shape of your face?


First, you need to know what is the shape of your face, the size of your nose and the width of your eyes. Besides, know that there are 7 basic forms, here they are:


  • Round and full face


It is advisable to opt for a rectangular or square pair in order to refine the shape of your face. Round or oval glasses tend to blend with the shape of an equally round face.


  • Oval face


If you have an oval face, you are lucky because the proportions of the latter are balanced. Therefore, you can afford to wear everything, round glasses, square, cat’s eye, rectangular among others.


  • Lower base triangle face


If you have a fairly small forehead, and your cheeks and chin are wider, you have a triangular face with a lower base. In this case, choose thick frames, with bright colors to accentuate the eyes and rebalance it all.


  • Upper base triangular face


You will understand, in this case it is the forehead which is wider than the rest of the face. So opt for a pair of glasses with thin rounded frames and made of light materials. Avoid strong colors and favor pastel colors.


  • Rectangular face


We are talking here of a rather long and not very broad face. The cat eye style will delight you. You can also opt for frames with patterns or several colors. You will need to avoid rectangular glasses which will tend to harden your face.


  • Square face


If you have a strong jaw and a broad forehead, the shape of your face is square. Opt for geometric shapes while avoiding the square, or soften your face with an oval or round frame.


  • Rhombus face


This form is very rare, where the line of the eye and the jaw is narrow with wide cheekbones. Invest in frameswith geometric shapes, or even in cat or butterfly eye. This choice will allow you to soften your features at the cheekbones.


What other elements to consider?


Consideration should also be given to eye spacing, including:


  • For wide-eyed, opt for a dark color on the deck;
  • Eyes close together, a small or light colored bridge


Also know that you must follow a paramount rule: Make sure that the top of the frame is just below your eyebrows, these are the very soul of your personality, they are the lines of expression , it would be a shame to hide them. Besides, if it is, it will not be very beautiful to see.


Maybe you need more advice? Visit one of our branches, notably in Port-Louis, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin or even Triolet. Our experts will be happy to advise you in the choice of your prescription glasses.