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Eye health, are some eye diseases irreversible?

As you probably know, the eyes are one of the most important organs in the human body. In some cases, some eye diseases can be treated and cured, however, be aware that this is not always the case. We will discover in this article 3 eye diseases that cannot be treated.


Glaucoma, an irreversible loss of vision


Glaucoma is an eye disease and the risk of developing it increases with age. It is a damage to the optic nerve that is characterized by high pressure inside the eye. The best is to get tested from the age of 50. People with myopia, people who have glaucoma in their family are the ones who are most affected. It is very often hereditary and having glaucoma with your parents or grandparents increases the risk by five to ten.


We cannot speak of a cure for glaucoma. It is however possible to stabilize the eye disease. There are also advances in glaucoma, but the operation is difficult and even involves risks. However, if a person with glaucoma has lost their sight, there is unfortunately no way to find them. Open-angle glaucoma is incurable, but since it is more and more easily controlled, it is called “chronic”.


Age-related macular degeneration, incurable?


Macular degeneration leads to a progressive and sometimes significant loss of central vision, which becomes more and more blurred. Macular degeneration mainly affects people aged 55 and over. There is also an inherited form of this disease, which is transmitted by genes: Stargardt disease. It occurs during childhood or adolescence.


In the case of dry AMD, many people will maintain good vision for their entire lives or gradually lose their central vision. This form of macular degeneration is incurable. On the other hand, one can slow down its evolution by taking certain antioxidant vitamins and practicing physical exercise.


Pigmentary retinopathies, still no treatment


Pigmentary retinopathy is genetic and is characterized by the transformation of light signals into nerve impulses. The earliest sign is then a decrease in night vision. Over time, the tasks, which first lead to partial amputations of the visual field (scotomas) invade the entire retina and blindness can become complete.


The treatment of retinitis pigmentosa is limited today to visual aids (magnifying optical systems) which allow for a long time to lead an almost normal life.


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Eye health, 3 tips to protect your eyes

We will never stop saying it, taking care of your body is also taking care of your eyes! These are indeed one of the most important organs of the human body, and that is why we must take care of them. Discover 3 tips to protect your eyes on a daily basis and to maintain good eye health.


Eye health, watch out for blue lights


Many people work in front of a screen all day. It is therefore very important to protect yourself against blue lights which can have harmful effects such as eye fatigue or age-related macular degeneration.


It is important to wear blue light goggles. Also, lower the brightness of your screen and take small breaks to rest your eyes!


Eyes, stay hydrated and eat well!


Just as every organ needs water, the eye also needs to hydrate. Make sure you drink enough water every day for good eye health. It is also important to stock up on vitamin. Incorporate vegetables and foods rich in omega-3, zinc and lutein into your diet.


A good night’s sleep, for good eye health


Did you know that yawning is used to moisten and cleanse the eyes? Convenient isn’t it? Blinkingalso has this ability, so don’t hesitate to use it! To take care of your eyes, it is also advisable to sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Have you ever felt dryness or itchy eyes after too short a night? These symptoms are those of eyestrain! In fact, just like you, your eyes need rest to be healthy.


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Eye fatigue, relieve yourself with the yoga of the eyes


Yoga is very beneficial, and even our eyes can enjoy it. Indeed, because of our bad daily habits (fastfood, smoking, alcoholism, etc.), or being constantly in front of a screen, our eyes are tired. Moreover, it is in the 20s that William H Bates developed small exercises to relieve tired eyes, improve eyesight or limit the effects of presbyopia.


What is eye yoga?


Eye yoga is also known as the Bates method. This practice involves performing visual exercises to relax the eyes or irrigate the eyeball to improve eyesight.


According to Bates, vision problems are the result of abnormal tension in the eye muscles or because of the fixity of the gaze. The yoga of the eyes teaches the organ how to function naturally without wearing glasses, thanks to the relaxation, movement or central fixation.


Fight against eye fatigue


Eye yoga is beneficial to everyone, but especially to those who use audiovisual devices for long hours and where the eyes keep the same fixity. This causes eye strain and other eye conditions. It is indeed very difficult to do without these tools since they are an integral part of our daily lives. The following may however help you.


Exercises to relax our eyes


Ocular yoga helps us work our eye muscles smoothly. A few minutes of yoga during the day can only benefit you. In addition, the yoga of the eyes also allows to:


  • Take a break on what is going on (work, television or other)
  • Make a few breaths during exercise
  • Be completely relaxed
  • Facilitate falling asleep if it is practiced before bedtime.


Here are some exercises to do:


Eye movements:


  • Look to the right, then to the left, each time as far as possible on the right or on the left, without moving your head.
  • Repeat this exercise ten times.
  • Do the same thing, but look up, then down.


The targets to watch:

  • Fix a point, or an object far away
  • Then look at a point or object near you


Day/Night :

  • Put our eyes behind our hands and stay, eyes open, in the dark, several minutes: this allows the eyes to rest from the light.
  • In this way the accommodation of the view is worked between light and darkness.


What are the conditions to respect for yoga of the eyes?


You will need :

  • Isolate yourself in a quiet place
  • Pace the exercises slowly while following your breath
  • Do not be tense when relaxing all your muscles.


Remember, taking care of your eyes is also taking care of your health. Regular practice of eye yoga can help you protect the visual organ. If you want to consult an eye specialist, we are always happy to welcome you to our Beau-Bassin, Rose Hill and Triolet branches.