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Protect your eyes in summer

Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality sunglasses is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes well, other advice should be prescribed. Protecting your eyes in summer is crucial. Enjoying the good weather without endangering the health of your eyes is actually quite possible. To do this, you just have to adopt the right gestures and respect certain basic rules. Let’s see this in more detail.


Sun, watch your eyes!


Overexposure to sunlight and its UV rays is known to be the main cause of eye damage. It is therefore essential to protect your eyes as you protect your skin. Stock up on vitamins D without taking any risks. Indeed, at high doses, UV rays are harmful to both the skin and the eyes. Even if they are largely absorbed by the cornea and then the lens, the cumulative effect of UV rays affects the good health of the eyes. Overexposure to the sun without protection can cause inflammation of the cornea such as keratitis, or even ophthalmia. In the long term, eye pathologies could develop in people over 50 years of age.


Protect your eyes with suitable sunglasses


For effective protection, the glasses must imperatively filter UV. Besides wearing bazaar or cheap glasses is even more dangerous than the absence of glasses, since behind these tinted glasses without filter the pupils open more and allow more UV rays to penetrate. So don’t hesitate to spend on eye health.


Eye protection starts with a good choice of sunglasses. Thus, the glasses must be of good quality and be able to filter out ultraviolet rays. This does not mean that darker glasses protect the eyes better. They protect only from the glare of the sun. For optimal protection, choose glasses with the mention “100% UV”.


In addition, you will get better protection if the lenses are marked “UV 400” or even “E-SFP 50+”. Another important detail, poor quality sunglasses can cause more damage to the eyes than not wearing them at all. When wearing tinted lenses without a filter, the pupils expand more and allow UV rays to pass.


Can seawater have a harmful effect on the eyes?


Who says summer, means also beach. But is there a risk associated with sea water? Not particularly, unless the water is polluted. You can therefore swim in peace. Sand, on the other hand, can easily be found in the eyes. So remember to rinse them well with clear water if a grain of sand has lodged under your eyelids.


To optimize your visual comfort, several options can be added, including an anti-reflective treatment. The latter avoids stray reflections on the glasses. In addition, polarized lenses help prevent reflections on mirrored surfaces such as water. If you wear contact lenses, use disposable models to reduce the risk of infection.


Protecting children’s eyes is a must


Finally, remember that children’s eyes are more sensitive than those of adults. Children’s eyes are about seven times more fragile than their own. The eyes of the young are more sensitive because their protective pigmentation is still incomplete. Their glasses must therefore be adapted to the morphology of their little face and, of course, to their behavior! It is therefore necessary to be extra vigilant by using 100% UV sunglasses and a cap with a large visor.


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