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Proclear 1 Day (30pcs)

Proclear 1 Day (30pcs)


Benefits of Proclear 1 Day contact lenses

  • Daily disposable lenses: convenient and exceptionally hygienic
  • Suitable for those who suffer from dry eyes
  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours a day
  • PC technology™ ensures hydrated and healthy eyes
  • Breathable lenses that allow oxygen to flow freely through to your eyes
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Proclear 1 Day contact lenses, by leading manufacturer CooperVision, are daily disposable contact lenses that offer high levels of comfort while remaining clean and clear throughout wear. These lenses are equivalent to easy vision Daily Vusion One Day contact lenses and so is a compatible alternative.

If you’ve suffered from dry or irritated eyes from wearing contact lenses before, Proclear 1 Day may be the solution for you. As daily disposable lenses, they offer convenient and hygienic wear every day and this wearing pattern can be considerably easier on your eyes. Proclear 1 Day is designed to be gentle on your eyes for a comfortable wearing experience.

This aspheric design of these lenses allows for crisp and clear vision, accurately correcting either short or long sight while allowing oxygen to flow freely through to your eyes to keep them looking and feeling healthy even after 12 hours of wear. Proclear 1 Day use PC Technology™ to ensure that they retain water for hydrated and comfortable eyes.


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