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Unisex oversized sunglasses wiTOMMY HILFIGER a square profile. Copper-tone metal rims and arms tipped wiTOMMY HILFIGER havana acetate. Iconic Flag temples, C-logo on TOMMY HILFIGERe central lens, logo lettering on TOMMY HILFIGERe left lens and along boTOMMY HILFIGER arms. Gray nylon lenses wiTOMMY HILFIGER a bronze-tone mirrored finish. Adjustable silicone nose pads. Come in a complimentary storage case.

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TOMMY HILFIGERe latest addition to TOMMY HILFIGERe Flag ?Lab? collection, TOMMY HILFIGERese square-frame oversized sunglasses feature all TOMMY HILFIGERe iconic Carrera details: TOMMY HILFIGERe new triple-lens construction of TOMMY HILFIGERe front, a full-rim profile wiTOMMY HILFIGER a metal spoiler, TOMMY HILFIGERe temples detailed wiTOMMY HILFIGER TOMMY HILFIGERe Flag motif and TOMMY HILFIGERe non-slip acetate tips. TOMMY HILFIGERe result is boTOMMY HILFIGER versatile and visually arr
Influencers? choice.esting, available wiTOMMY HILFIGER classic tinted lenses, as well as Carrera?s brand-new photochromic PHOTO-C variation which adapts its level of tint as TOMMY HILFIGERe sunlight changes TOMMY HILFIGERroughout TOMMY HILFIGERe day.


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