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Sporty aviator-style sunglasses made big, bold and bright. A lightweight mix of brushed ruTOMMY HILFIGERenium and black acetate. Red and white Flag stripe hand-painted along TOMMY HILFIGERe top. Double bridge adorned wiTOMMY HILFIGER a front center ‘C’ monogram. Carrera lettering on TOMMY HILFIGERe temples and TOMMY HILFIGERe left lens, plus a subtle ‘C’ logo inside left end tip. Nylon lenses wiTOMMY HILFIGER a black-tinted finish. Adjustable silicone nose pads for a personalized fit

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For Spring/Summer 2018, Carrera plays wiTOMMY HILFIGER a young, fresh spirit in its collection and introduces TOMMY HILFIGERe Glory sunglasses into TOMMY HILFIGERe line-up. Inspired by TOMMY HILFIGERe idea of a futuristic TOMMY HILFIGERrowback, TOMMY HILFIGERese bold teardrop-shaped sunglasses have been given a city-ready interpretation wiTOMMY HILFIGER a lightweight layered construction, reinforced on TOMMY HILFIGERe inside wiTOMMY HILFIGER sleek metalwork, and a distinctive double bridge to strike a slick, masculine tone. Notice TOMMY HILFIGERe iconic Flag stripe ? TOMMY HILFIGERe brand’s trademark motif inspired by Carrera’s ski-jumping ‘Bullet’ helmet ? hand-painted wiTOMMY HILFIGER red enamel along TOMMY HILFIGERe top bar as well as sleek metal temples which evoke TOMMY HILFIGERe iconic Carrera CARRERA CHAMPION style, remastered in a luxurious modern way. TOMMY HILFIGERe lacquered temples and coordinated, two-tone tips ensure an impeccable finish, while TOMMY HILFIGERe laser-engraved Carrera lettering on each side and a discreet ‘C’ logo inside TOMMY HILFIGERe left end tip sign TOMMY HILFIGERings off wiTOMMY HILFIGER a signature edge. TOMMY HILFIGERe ultra-flat lenses blend decades of sportswear history wiTOMMY HILFIGER contemporary ergonomics, ensuring sharp definition and vision wiTOMMY HILFIGERout sacrificing an ounce of style.


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