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Patel Optics, tailor-made services

Patel Optics is the Number 1 optician in Mauritius, whether for quality frames or sunglasses or for an eye exam, we promise to give you the best service possible. Discover our tailor-made services.


An eye exam at Patel Optics


Eye exams are used to determine a person’s visual acuity for each eye. Therefore, to know if the vision is correct, from near and far. The tests are done using white visual acuity tables with black letters and numbers or with opening rings decreasing in size from top to bottom which will be placed in front of the eye. An eye exam at Patel Optics takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes and can be done as from 4 years old. The tests will also include:


  • Studies of your genes and your visual needs: reading, computer, distance, driving.
  • Optometry exam and your binocular vision.
  • Determination of your optimal prescription according to your specific needs.
  • Discussion on the additional equipment needed: sunglasses, computer glasses.
  • Eye motility check
  • Eye health check.


Pathology screening


With age and aging, eye diseasesare more and more present, which is why screening for pathology is important, especially if there is a history of eye diseases in the family. This examination therefore helps to prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. It is however important not to confuse visual defects and ocular pathologies. Thanks to pathology screening at Patel Optics, our specialists will be able to:


  • Screening for cataracts
  • Measure eye pressure (glaucoma screening)
  • Observe your retina under the microscope or by camera (glaucomascreening, macular degeneration, diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy, etc.)
  • Screen for Keratoconus
  • Take a color test: Ishihara test


An eye exam is also important because it will determine if you have cataracts, retinal or corneal disease, or glaucoma.


Visual rehabilitation in children


Children’s eyes do not develop at the same frequency as those of adults. The goal is to detect strabismus which is a lack of parallelism of the visual axes or to reduce visual fatigue by increasing muscle capacity and elasticity. Exercises should therefore be performed during the sessions as well as between sessions. Better results are seen in children and young adults.


  • Quantity: between 3 and 8 sessions depending on the problem
  • Frequencies: every 6 months if necessary
  • Treatment for: strabismus, visual fatigue, lack of concentration, itchy, watery eyes, headaches.


Repair and adjustment of your frames


Our team is at your disposal for any adjustment and repair work on your frames. We offer these services on site and without an appointment and in addition cleaning is free. Do not hesitate to visit one of our branches, including Triolet, Port Louis, Beau Bassin and Rose Hill. In serious cases, our professionals will guide you and offer you the possible options. We also assure you that your request will be processed as quickly as possible.


Trust us and contact us to take advantage of our tailor-made services. Patel Optics is also the benchmark in eyewear and ophthalmology. A dedicated and qualified team will be at your disposal.

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