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How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face

Many of you wear eyeglasses… round, square, cat-eye, there are many styles of glasses. But do you know which pair of glasses will suit you best? Do you know the shape of your face? We tell you everything in this article…


What is the shape of your face?


First, you need to know what is the shape of your face, the size of your nose and the width of your eyes. Besides, know that there are 7 basic forms, here they are:


  • Round and full face


It is advisable to opt for a rectangular or square pair in order to refine the shape of your face. Round or oval glasses tend to blend with the shape of an equally round face.


  • Oval face


If you have an oval face, you are lucky because the proportions of the latter are balanced. Therefore, you can afford to wear everything, round glasses, square, cat’s eye, rectangular among others.


  • Lower base triangle face


If you have a fairly small forehead, and your cheeks and chin are wider, you have a triangular face with a lower base. In this case, choose thick frames, with bright colors to accentuate the eyes and rebalance it all.


  • Upper base triangular face


You will understand, in this case it is the forehead which is wider than the rest of the face. So opt for a pair of glasses with thin rounded frames and made of light materials. Avoid strong colors and favor pastel colors.


  • Rectangular face


We are talking here of a rather long and not very broad face. The cat eye style will delight you. You can also opt for frames with patterns or several colors. You will need to avoid rectangular glasses which will tend to harden your face.


  • Square face


If you have a strong jaw and a broad forehead, the shape of your face is square. Opt for geometric shapes while avoiding the square, or soften your face with an oval or round frame.


  • Rhombus face


This form is very rare, where the line of the eye and the jaw is narrow with wide cheekbones. Invest in frameswith geometric shapes, or even in cat or butterfly eye. This choice will allow you to soften your features at the cheekbones.


What other elements to consider?


Consideration should also be given to eye spacing, including:


  • For wide-eyed, opt for a dark color on the deck;
  • Eyes close together, a small or light colored bridge


Also know that you must follow a paramount rule: Make sure that the top of the frame is just below your eyebrows, these are the very soul of your personality, they are the lines of expression , it would be a shame to hide them. Besides, if it is, it will not be very beautiful to see.


Maybe you need more advice? Visit one of our branches, notably in Port-Louis, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin or even Triolet. Our experts will be happy to advise you in the choice of your prescription glasses.

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