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High blood pressure, what are the effects on the eyes?

High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in the world. It concerns almost 400,000 people in Mauritius. This disease causes many ailments, including dizziness, headaches, cardiovascular problems and can have adverse effects on the health of our eyes. Learn more about high blood pressure and the eye problems it causes.

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is characterized by permanent elevation of blood pressure above 14/8. It is a common cardiovascular disorder that affects the blood pressure that normally needs to be 12/8. There are several causes related to this disease, including age, heredity, lack of exercise or overweight. Hypertension can also occur during pregnancy, and should be monitored constantly to avoid problems with childbirth.

The effects of hypertension on the eyes

This disease causes many ophthalmological disorders and the more the eyeis affected, the more it reveals the severity of this cardiovascular disease. This unfortunately indicates that there is a risk of brain damage, hence the need to be constantly on guard. There are no indicator symptoms, only a review done by a professional can determine if your eyes have been affected by high blood pressure. Intraocular pressure is measured using a tonometer. However, if you have high blood pressure and you notice that your vision is blurred or there is bleeding in one of your eyes, it is best to consult.

Complications related to high blood pressure

If the blood pressure is greater than 21 mm in the test, there is a high risk of developing glaucoma. However, only an examination of the visual field that can determine it. Glaucoma is actually a disease of the optic nerve where the aqueous humor of the eye has difficulty evacuating. The liquid in the eye accumulates and the pressure inside the eye increases. This disease can cause serious ocular complications, such as damage to the optic nerves or blindness. If glaucoma is detected early enough, it can be delayed through eye drops or through surgery.

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