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Eye injury, should you consult?

Have we all hurt each other, a black eye, because of a champagne cork during a party, that speaks to you? Whether the injury is due to an accident or a physical assault, any contusion deserves medical advice. As soon as there is a sign of seriousness, in particular a red eye, which hurts, reduced visual acuity, double vision or anomalies in the field of vision, it is necessary to urgently consult an ophthalmologist.


When shall you consult if you have an eye injury?


Some eye injuries, such as deep lacerations or bleeding inside the eye, require immediate treatment or surgery to prevent permanent damage that can result from vision loss. If you think you have injured your eye, see an eye doctor near you. Minor scratches on the surface of the eye often only require monitoring after a first visit to the ophthalmologist to ensure that complications such as eye infections do not appear.


What to do in the case of an eye injury?


If it is a scratch, you are advised to first consult an ophthalmologist to make sure that this injury will not result in an infection. Scratches can also make the eye susceptible to bacterial infections. If you have a black eye, the best solution is to use an ice pack to deflate the eye.



If a foreign body is found in your eye, like a piece of metal, it is imperative to go to an ophthalmologist. Metallic foreign bodies can quickly form a ring of rust and a large scar and this is why remove these foreign bodies as soon as possible.


Some chemicals burn or sting with contact with the eye, but are fairly harmless in the long run, while others can cause serious injury. This is the case for acids and alkalis. In general, acids can cause considerable redness and burning, but they can be washed off quite easily. Basic substances or chemicals like cleansers (alkaline) are much more serious, but don’t seem to be because they don’t cause as much immediate eye pain and redness as acids.


Steps to follow after being taken care of


It is essential to communicate very clearly with your ophthalmologist. It is important to mention if you wear contact lenses for example, or prescription glasses. Depending on the type of eye damage, you may be instructed to rinse your eyes with water or saline. In more serious situations, you may need surgery.


Do not neglect an eye injury, it can be serious and you can even lose your sight. Contact the Patel Optics team for any inquiries, they will be happy to give you the best advice possible.

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