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Eye fatigue, relieve yourself with the yoga of the eyes


Yoga is very beneficial, and even our eyes can enjoy it. Indeed, because of our bad daily habits (fastfood, smoking, alcoholism, etc.), or being constantly in front of a screen, our eyes are tired. Moreover, it is in the 20s that William H Bates developed small exercises to relieve tired eyes, improve eyesight or limit the effects of presbyopia.


What is eye yoga?


Eye yoga is also known as the Bates method. This practice involves performing visual exercises to relax the eyes or irrigate the eyeball to improve eyesight.


According to Bates, vision problems are the result of abnormal tension in the eye muscles or because of the fixity of the gaze. The yoga of the eyes teaches the organ how to function naturally without wearing glasses, thanks to the relaxation, movement or central fixation.


Fight against eye fatigue


Eye yoga is beneficial to everyone, but especially to those who use audiovisual devices for long hours and where the eyes keep the same fixity. This causes eye strain and other eye conditions. It is indeed very difficult to do without these tools since they are an integral part of our daily lives. The following may however help you.


Exercises to relax our eyes


Ocular yoga helps us work our eye muscles smoothly. A few minutes of yoga during the day can only benefit you. In addition, the yoga of the eyes also allows to:


  • Take a break on what is going on (work, television or other)
  • Make a few breaths during exercise
  • Be completely relaxed
  • Facilitate falling asleep if it is practiced before bedtime.


Here are some exercises to do:


Eye movements:


  • Look to the right, then to the left, each time as far as possible on the right or on the left, without moving your head.
  • Repeat this exercise ten times.
  • Do the same thing, but look up, then down.


The targets to watch:

  • Fix a point, or an object far away
  • Then look at a point or object near you


Day/Night :

  • Put our eyes behind our hands and stay, eyes open, in the dark, several minutes: this allows the eyes to rest from the light.
  • In this way the accommodation of the view is worked between light and darkness.


What are the conditions to respect for yoga of the eyes?


You will need :

  • Isolate yourself in a quiet place
  • Pace the exercises slowly while following your breath
  • Do not be tense when relaxing all your muscles.


Remember, taking care of your eyes is also taking care of your health. Regular practice of eye yoga can help you protect the visual organ. If you want to consult an eye specialist, we are always happy to welcome you to our Beau-Bassin, Rose Hill and Triolet branches.

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