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Exposure to screens during lockdown, 3 tips to protect your eyes

We are in a health war. Covid-19 got the better of us and we’ve been in containment since March 18. Mauritians are increasingly exposing themselves to screens, which is quite understandable. We spend more than 5 hours a day in front of a screen, and since confinement this trend has increased considerably. Whether for teleworking, watching a film or strolling on social networks, screens are becoming our daily life. So is there a risk to our eyes? How to take care of this vital organ during confinement? We tell you everything in this article…


Lockdown, don’t stay long hours in front of your screens


We advise you to:

  • Take breaks. “20 seconds every 20 minutes,” says ASNAV is enough;
  • It is enough to blink regularly. This will activate the Meibomian glands at the edge of your eyelids and allow the eyes to stay moist;
  • Rest your nervous systems by placing your palms on your eyelids;
  • Do visual rehabilitation exercises.


Eye health, reduce eyestrain


Visual fatigue causes many ailments, including red eyes, headaches, dry eyes or watery eyes. In order to avoid these harmful effects of blue light, here is what you should do:


  • Adjust the contrast and intensity of your screen;
  • Wear blue light glasses;
  • Adjust the position of your screen;
  • Keep a distance of at least 50cm from your computer.


Plan activities


Certainly confinement called watching a good movie, spending time on Facebook. But why not favor other activities? Particularly board games, cooking, baking can also be very good activities.


Blue lightcan have a bad effect on your eyes, it’s all about knowing how to protect yourself with these few little tips to use every day.


Take care of yourself and above all, stay at home!

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