• 139 Route Royale, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Mauritius
  • Monday to Saturday 09hr30 to 17hr30, Closed by 1pm on Thursday

Naumaan Patel

Naumaan Patel

  • Core Skills:
    Working with both children and adults


The younger brother of Ijaz Patel, Naumaan was born and raised in Beau Bassin, Mauritius. Sharing his brother’s interest in optometry, he earned a Diploma in Optometry from Institut Supérieur d’Optique Toulouse, France  (2018).

Since achieving his diploma, Naumaan has advanced immensely within his field. He has served through the various stages of the family business. As of  2018, Naumaan has been a key driver for Patel Optics Branch at  Port Louis and Triolet and is one of the best young professional optometrists on the Island.

Naumaan is also passionate about changing the way people think about their eye care. He is leading other eye care professionals at the company in a new direction for patient care that benefits them everywhere. Although he has a busy professional life, Naumaan has always found time to support those in need. He participated in a social initiative that provided free eye care to the people of Mauritius. He helped the teams deliver needed routine eye care, post-operative eye care, treatment of eye disease, and dispensing of spectacles to the people in Mauritius

In his spare time, Naumaan spends time with his family. He enjoys playing golf and travelling.