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Dark circles, how to get rid of them ?

Who does not know these annoyances of a bad night, tiredness or stress? Dark circles are unsightly and weigh down the eyes. You are probably wondering why they appear? There are many of you who have dark circles every day even after a good night’s sleep. So, what is the cause and how to cure it?


What are dark circles?


Dark circles are signs of fatigue and aging. They appear around the eyes, and are black, blue or even purple with also the congestion of the eyelids. Dark circles are the result of multiple factors, including fatigue and stress but not only. Indeed, there are different types of dark circles, and each type can be the result of different factors.


Types of dark circles:


Dark circles, (because they are black or brown): the skin below the eye is very thin, and the excess of melanin pigment is very visible. The origin of dark circles are multiple, poor lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, lack of sleep). This type of dark circles most often appears in people with dark or dark skin. This is the most common case in Mauritius.


Blue circles are caused by a dysfunction of the blood and lymphatic circulation. Over time or for genetic reasons, the microcirculation of the lower eyelid becomes less efficient and tends to pigment. This poor circulation is often accompanied, with age, by a thinning of the skin, which makes dark circles more visible, and by a lack of collagen, which reduces them less. The lymphatic system can also be a cause. This circulation problem can come from age, chronic fatigue or even a genetic cause.


Dark circles occur after blue pigmentation of the lower eyelid. They can appear if you rub your eyes too much or are the result of a lack of iron.


Dark circles: the fat in the lower eyelid disappears and you can then see the orbital bone.


Other factors are also bile or liver problems that can cause dark circles under the eyes. If you suffer from constipation or poor elimination, the varnishes can turn green. Hormonal disturbances such as periods, pregnancy or even menopause can also cause the appearance of dark circles. Age is also a trigger. As we age, the skin becomes thinner and lets the blood vessels that cause dark circles pigmentation appear more easily.


How to treat dark circles?


  1. Take care of your eyes by limiting the time spent on your computer or phone. If you have no other choice, you can lower the brightness of the latter and wear suitable lenses against the effects of blue light.
  2. Rest your eyes by going to bed earlier.
  3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid large meals, consume alcohol and tobacco.
  4. Remove make-up to let your skin breathe
  5. Hydrate yourself with the right product in terms of face care, concealer and also, massage your eye contours.
  6. Hide your dark circles with concealer until the ideas below take effect.


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