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Covid 19, is it better to use glasses or contact lenses?

Contact lenses or glasses

If there’s one thing everyone has learned by heart over the past few weeks, it’s to wash our hands regularly, with soap and water. In these times when any action involving manipulation with the hands is scary, is it advisable to wear contact lenses? Or on the contrary, would it be safer to opt for glasses … Here is what our professionals recommend.

The risks of infection from wearing contact lenses

The virus can enter through the nose, eyes and mouth. While wearing masks limits the risk of bacteria being transmitted through the nose and mouth, the eyes are still fairly exposed. The fact that contact lens wearers have to handle the lenses before inserting them into the eyes actually increases the risk of infection. However, any contact lens wearer also knows that the basic rules always start with impeccable hand hygiene.

Inserting the lenses in 4 steps

Pandemic or not, the first step is to wash your hands well, for at least 30 seconds, preferably with antibacterial soap. It will then be necessary to dry them well. To avoid any confusion, always start with the same eye. Check that the lens, which you have would have soaked in its solution before, is in place (in the form of a bowl) before placing it on the tip of the index finger. With the same hand, pull the lower eyelid with your middle finger and the upper eyelid with the other hand. Gently release your eyelids and close your eyes for a few seconds to let the lens take its place. This procedure will help you take good care of your lenses and eyes.

What about wearing glasses in all of this?

Of course, glasses remain a simpler and faster option. However, like any surface, glasses should also be regularly cleaned. In fact, find some tips against fog on the lenses here: https://pateloptics.com/2020/05/21/masque-de-protection-comment-eviter-la-buee-sur-les-lunettes/?lang=fr. Preferably, opt for soapy water (even dish soap) for the cleaning The oily film left on it will cause the steam to glide over for a few hours.

If the lenses offer a better field of vision, they also require a lot of meticulousness while handling. In the end, whether you opt for lenses or glasses, you will have to follow the precise procedures for their maintenance.

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