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Choose your glasses according to the color of your eyes?

Finding the right pair of glasses is not always an easy task. However, with the right advice, it is quite possible to choose a pair that is perfectly suited, not only to the morphology of the face, but also to the color of the eyes. Yes, it can play a role on the harmony of the face and will enhance the eyes when it is well chosen.


For dark eyes


That’s it, you’ve determined the shape of glasses you like. Now comes the question of color. You have a wide choice, between classic colors such as black or brown, or more fanciful frames with prints, or even transparent frames (very fashionable at the moment). However, the color of your eyes (as well as the color of your skin and hair) is an element to take into consideration to be sure to make the right choice.


For light colored eyes


So, if you have green eyes and blond hair, jade green, emerald or even green frames are highly recommended. Shades such as red-purple, purple or eggplant would also suit you. If you are a brunette with green eyes, prefer yellow or orange tones, or even gold.


Blue eyes, on the other hand, go perfectly with pastel, coral, apricot or even cherry red, burgundy colors for people with light hair. Brown hair and blue eyes are the ideal combination to wear a beautiful silver gray or a beautiful shade of blue on his frames. If you like flashy colors, opt for shades of purple or fuchsia. If your eyes tend towards gray-blue, there is nothing but black, dark purple and midnight blue to accentuate their color.


And the others ?


Regarding dark brown eyes, regardless of hair color, there are many options: bright red, plum, beige, peach, night blue, brown, olive green, burgundy, pink, etc. Hazel eyes: opt for gray or dark green, or a gold frame to give sparkle to your eyes.


However, color is not the only determining factor in choosing your glasses. Yes, remember that a frame must be in perfect harmony with the morphology of your face. To find out more about the glasses that suit the shape of your face, or the color of your eyes, do not hesitate to get personalized advice by going to your optician. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try on various frames to more easily determine which one is best for you.

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