Covid 19, is it better to use glasses or contact lenses?

If there’s one thing everyone has learned by heart over the past few weeks, it’s to wash our hands regularly, with soap and water. In these times when any action involving manipulation with the hands is scary, is it advisable to wear contact lenses? Or on the contrary, would it be safer to opt for […]

Maintain the health of your eyes in winter

Even though we do enjoy fairly mild temperatures in Mauritius, it is important to protect your eyes in winter. Indeed, this season is conducive to some inconveniences, such as dry eyes or inflammation of the eye. Fortunately, there are preventive measures, which we are about to see in this article. Puffiness and redness of the […]

Contact lenses: 5 practical tips for wearing them

There are certain advantages to wearing contact lenses. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, they allow for example to wear any sunglasses, without having to resort to a numbered model. They also offer good peripheral vision, and therefore a wider field of vision than with prescription glasses.   However, it is crucial to adopt good […]

Protective mask: how to avoid fogging on glasses?

The Covid-19 undoubtedly leaves a legacy in Mauritius. In addition to the economic slowdown, the government has put in place several measures to ensure the safety of Mauritians. We are witnessing a partial containment recently, and the law now requires the wearing of a mask in public places. However, those wearing glasses are sometimes embarrassed […]

All that you should know on myopia

Myopia generally appears in adolescence and progresses to adulthood when it stabilizes. This vision disorder also depends on the person’s origin and the environment in which they live. In France, more than 29% of the population suffers from it according to the High Authority for Health. We can find this same rate in North America. […]

Choose your glasses according to the color of your eyes?

Finding the right pair of glasses is not always an easy task. However, with the right advice, it is quite possible to choose a pair that is perfectly suited, not only to the morphology of the face, but also to the color of the eyes. Yes, it can play a role on the harmony of […]

Protect your eyes in summer

Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality sunglasses is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes well, other advice should be prescribed. Protecting your eyes in summer is crucial. Enjoying the good weather without endangering the health of your eyes is actually quite possible. To do this, you just have to adopt […]

Exposure to screens during lockdown, 3 tips to protect your eyes

We are in a health war. Covid-19 got the better of us and we’ve been in containment since March 18. Mauritians are increasingly exposing themselves to screens, which is quite understandable. We spend more than 5 hours a day in front of a screen, and since confinement this trend has increased considerably. Whether for teleworking, […]

Seniors: wear suitable glasses

A large number of elderly people do not wear glasses adapted to their vision. According to a study by the Journal of the American medical association (Jama), 4 out of 10 seniors wear unsuitable glasses. Often for financial reasons, seniors tend to neglect their visual health, even though they are often the most affected. However, […]