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Baby’s eyes, how to take care of them ?

A baby is not blind at birth, he does not see well from a distance. It’s quite normal because the sight is the last sense that develops in an infant. The latter will not notice the bright lights until his seventh month. Taking care of his eyes can not be taken lightly.

Carefully clean the eyes of a baby

When cleaning the eyes of an infant, vigilance is required. Indeed, you must ensure that no impurity is directed to the eye. Be aware that babies produce a lot more phlegm than adults, which is why it is necessary to clean their eyes when they wake up.

How to clean the eyes of babies?

It is necessary to clean the baby’s eyes regularly, from the inside of the eyes, to the outside to move the impurities outward. Take a cotton swab, or a cotton disc soaked in saline. Lightly wipe the eye to remove any phlegm. This action is necessary to avoid any eye infections. But be careful, you have to use one compress per eye.

Protection and prevention

Do not worry, the eyes of infants are not as fragile as you think because the iris is very well protected by a membrane that allows the penetration of very little light. It is only towards the third or fourth month that this membrane begins to disappear and where it is necessary to be very careful. It is advisable not to expose them to too strong lights by using for example a cap, a visor or even sunglasses for baby.

Food, what should be consume ?

Milk is the main food of a baby, and is ideal for the child’s healthy development. When the child is ready for diversification, be sure to provide him with foods rich in:
Omega 3, especially DHA which is important for the visual function to capture light in the back of the eye. You will find omega 3 in sardines, fish or anchovies.
Carotenoids for good central and peripheral vision or to distinguish contrasts. You can find it in spinach, broccoli or kale.
Be vigilant and do not hesitate to consult if your infant is unable to fix his eyes towards his 2 months, or if he shows signs of strabismus. Visit one of our branches to benefit from the expertise and professionalism of our team.

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