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All that you should know on myopia

Myopia generally appears in adolescence and progresses to adulthood when it stabilizes. This vision disorder also depends on the person’s origin and the environment in which they live. In France, more than 29% of the population suffers from it according to the High Authority for Health. We can find this same rate in North America. What are the causes, symptoms and treatments for myopia? We tell you everything in this article….


What is myopia and what causes it?


Myopia is the most common cause of vision loss, especially in young adults. It means the ability to see well up close and not from a distance. Myopia is the opposite of presbyopia (farsightedness). Myopia is caused by an eye whose shape does not allow it to focus on distant objects. Another cause is that the curvature of the cornea, which is the front layer of the eye, is deeper than its actual curvature. Some researchers also explain that environmental factors have a big impact on the development of this vision disorder. According to a recent study, lack of exposure to natural sunlight can affect the growth of the eye and can promote myopia.

What are the symptoms of myopia?

1 / A decrease in visual acuity from a distance; 2 / You must get close to the object so that the vision is clear; 3 / You have trouble driving, especially at night; 4 / You have a headache . If you suffer from short-sightedness, near objects will appear clear, while those from afar, blurred. Myopia disease, or strong myopia, begins earlier in childhood. It evolves rapidly, throughout life, and does not stabilize in adulthood. It is especially this type of myopia which is likely to cause complications in particular blindness, detachment of the retina, glaucoma or even early cataract.

What are the treatments ?


There are 3 treatments for myopia, in particular,


  • Corrective lenses;
  • Contact lenses
  • Eye surgery.


These three options are used to correct vision abnormalities.


So if you have blurred vision from a distance, you know that this is the perfect time for an eye exam at Patel Optics.


But if you’ve never had symptoms or never had an eye exam, how can you be sure this vision is perfect?


So make an appointment, and let’s see how you can improve your vision.



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