The Covid-19 undoubtedly leaves a legacy in Mauritius. In addition to the economic slowdown, the government has put in place several measures to ensure the safety of Mauritians. We are witnessing a partial containment recently, and the law now requires the wearing of a mask in public places. However, those wearing glasses are sometimes embarrassed by the appearance of fogging. Then, what shall we do?

Here are 5 tips:


1 / Correctly position the protective mask

2 / Use a ‘clips’ to prevent air from escaping.

3 / Protect your glasses with a gel or an anti-fog spray

4 / Apply soap or shaving foam on both sides of your glasses. Spread it out with a microfiber cloth, rinse your glasses, then let them air dry.

5 / Place a tissue (disposable) between your mask and your skin. The handkerchief will absorb moisture.


You will agree that the fogging on the glasses is not pleasant, we have to clean them often enough. In addition, we have to put our hands in the face, which is not recommended because of the coronavirus.


To protect yourself as much as possible, we invite you to follow these simple actions!

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